What steps can businesses take to support staff return to work?

In this ever-changing, uncertain period, companies will look to Return to Work (RtW) in a cost-effective manner. As we negotiate our way out of the pandemic, keeping business financially sound and staff safe will be the main drivers for many.

Companies may be looking at their workplace (currently sitting un-used) and be considering the investment previously made in the context of the value it now provides in terms of staff productivity, safety, connectivity etc. The RtW is likely to be rapid once it begins, businesses will need to make many workplace-related decisions; it will be critical not to lose sight of providing value in any change, rather than just looking at cost cuts.

Workplaces are full of assets that hold inherent worth, there is nothing to stop existing assets (furniture, demountable partitioning joinery, IT/AV) being re-purposed to support post-pandemic work practices. Can workstations be turned into team benches in collaboration areas, it is likely that some can. Can excess task chairs be used for collaboration or quiet areas, yes, can they be sent out for home workers, absolutely. Can redundant storage be adapted to create lockers, workbenches or even privacy walls, potentially yes. What of IT & AV – can existing equipment be adapted to maximise connectivity between the remote and present workforces, undoubtedly.

From the outset, Construction Group Consultancy Ltd (CGC) can assist companies to audit their workplace assets to provide solutions that ensure waste is minimised. Helping you shape a strategy and design brief to reapportion these valuable assets, creating cost-effective change solutions to nurture the new way of working.

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