Property Strategy & Project Briefing

  • Providing clients with advice on the selection of real estate property to suit their growing or reducing business occupancy needs.
  • Appraising properties to determine whether the building size, shape and infrastructure is suitable for a clients business needs.
  • Supporting the clients’ team in negotiating and agreeing suitable heads of terms on any selected property.
  • Advising clients on agreements for lease with developers / landlords to ensure the clients’ interests are accommodated within the lease to facilitate a successful project delivery.
  • CGC in house design team develop client briefings during the early stages of the RIBA work plan, enabling clients to successfully understand their business activity and developmental work patterns. The briefing process highlights the Intended use of the property, required occupancy and agile ratios, circulation, special areas, DDA requirements, acoustic and visual privacy, security, lighting, IT, building services, welfare facilities, , branding, planting and finally flexibility or future growth

For more information please contact – Andrew Flynn