CGC 3D visuals help Historic England transform their Manchester offices into a hybrid space.

Our Northern office are thrilled to have shared these 3D visuals as part of the workplace design process to transform Historic England Manchester offices into a hybrid space.

As plans for the return to the office are considered, 3D visualisations are a fantastic tool to bring the concept to life, enabling both the client and design team to view and coordinate the space before construction.

CGC’s Workplace Design Team offer clients the full “design service” from the initial workplace strategy and briefing, through concept design, spatial coordination and technical design whether refurbishing existing space or fitting-out new premises.

Our delivery process is proven; we work within our client’s company structure to agree business goals, define project objectives, and set out a project execution plan and activity program. We undertake discovery sessions with project sponsors and key departments e.g. HR, H&S, FM & IT, and staff surveys to provide empirical data that enables clients to make informed decisions and plan.

Once a strategy is agreed upon, our Workplace Design Team uses the data to dictate the concept design, weaving cues from client culture and corporate branding, to deliver a workplace that reflects the company vision and encourages business processes.

Contact: Stephen Booker